Commissioning Glossary – Cx technical terms explained

Are you familiar with this situation during commissioning (without a commissioning glossary)?

You have a kick-off meeting to start commissioning with suppliers, colleagues from other departments and young employees who are taking part in commissioning for the first time … and you do not have a commissioning glossary.

During the meeting, terms and abbreviations such as “IBN”, “Cx”, “MC”, “P & ID-Check”, “AFB-Test”, “PSSR”, “SMEPAC-Test” and “ZBSS” are used, to name just a few.

(Almost) everyone seems to know these technical terms and nobody dares to ask: “What does the abbreviation PSSR stand for?”

Commissioning meeting - Swiss Commissioning
Commissioning Glossary - Powered by Swiss Commissioning

Only in the further course of commissioning do you notice that not all project participants have the same understanding of a certain term.

We have already experienced this situation in a number of Cx projects (commissioning projects).

To solve this problem for everyone involved, we have created a publicly accessible commissioning glossary (sorry, in German language only) on There, Cx technical terms are explained and abbreviations from commissioning are explained.

We invite you to use this Cx glossary. And if you miss a term, please let us know and we will add the new technical term to the commissioning glossary as soon as possible.